The quality of your accommodation has a major impact on your organization and working methods. Does the accommodation fit, is it flexible? Is costs reduction possible? LUX collaborates with you to formulate a clear housing strategy. We make an analysis of your current situation and wishes for the future: accommodation, goals, organization and processes. This analysis leads to a housing strategy with a workplace concept and program of requirements, which you can use for a thorough decision about your future accommodation.

LUX advises you about new workplace concepts. The New Working offers exciting opportunities, but needs to be implemented carefully. THE New Working does not exist. Together with you we develop the ideal workplace concept for your organization.

When your housing strategy is clear, we support you implementing it. When renting an accommodation or looking for a new location, we can represent you in the renovation or construction project. We advise on the price-quality agreements with the landlord and act on your behalf in the building team meetings. Do you own a property yourself; we provide project management of the renovation.

When looking for new accommodation, do consider ZCPO Business Collective Private Commissioning. It means developing your own property with other companies or organizations. This gives you the benefits of your own, personal development, combined with the benefits of a larger project and shared concerns.

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